van studenten & vrijwilligers tijdens hun verblijf in Ghana.

Experience in Ghana

RitaGeplaatst door Rita 18 jan, 2019 09:08

Beste Allemaal,

Ik zou graag mijn ervaring tijdens mijn verblijf in Ghana in het Nederlands willen delen, dat zal beperkt worden. Dus! we gaan in het Engels............


My first impression when I landed was having that welcoming feeling. The sense of fitting in even though the language, culture and daily activities were different. However, much relaxed and sense of belonging.

During my stay I learned about and experienced the Ghanaian way of life. From the cuisine, music, the simple thing of enjoying life. There were of course obstacles along the way but those paled in comparison to the positives I experienced. I went to Ghana with an open mind with no reservations and I left with a different, richer perspective to life - a greater knowledge of myself, new friends and experience as a future nurse. This gave me the opportunity to explore where this career will take me. Through this, I found out where my heart lies.


My overall experience during my clinicals in the aforementioned hospitals gave me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of professionals and patients. Exploring a target audience that I never thought I would be interested in. The fortuity to experience the process from conception to the birth of a new life and complications that sometimes comes with that exciting, welcoming moment. This triggered an unexplainable emotion within me that I never thought I had, which inspired the sense of wanting to learn more, further in-depth in the field. This was not only a feeling but is also expressed through my reports.This brought a new perspective in my training as a future nurse, learning and experience.


Even though I went with an open mind to Ghana, I also had reservations about myself. Will I be accepted?, Will I be able to speak up when it is needed? How will I express myself and exhibit my skills? Will I be shunned? Am I going to have that feeling of uncertainty there? And many more questions that lingered.

The first week was a realization that I would learn a lot during my stay. The interest in wanting to teach me, which kept me from being shy and wanting to fade away. I noticed I was eager to ask questions, wanting to take initiative and had the willingness to see and explore what this field has to offer. I spoke up when it was needed, having that attitude of yes! I finally found a sense of belonging and my niche.


Every clinical is an unforgettable experience, the main objective is what have I learned and how to implement it in my skills as a future nurse. Whether positive or negative it stays in the psyche and what you do with it determines the willingness to add or change in your life. I have learned that one will not fit in everywhere, the most important thing is leaving a positive footprint behind.

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